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A container of ordinariness.

In 2014 I left my hometown in Italy, where I was living in my parent's flat, in order to move to London, study and pursue my aspirations. Never before then, I had experienced the feeling of living in a room that wasn't properly mine, and in fact just a temporary accommodation.

As of 2018, I had already moved five times, always living in rented rooms and shared apartments, of which I was neither the first nor the last tenant arrived, but just one of a long list of lives lived within those walls.

Thinking from this point of view, I started to take pictures of all these anonymous personal belongings that, maybe forgotten, maybe lost, had been left behind by the previous tenants and which I had found hidden under the bed or in the drawers when moving in.

These objects represent for me the traces of these people's passage through those temporary and impersonal “containers”, as well as they represent the smallest but significant evidence of the lives they belonged to. In this way, through images, I tried to preserve them over time.