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I am an independent documentary photographer, born and bred in Perugia, Italy, and currently based in London.

I moved to the UK in 2014, in order to follow my two passions: music and photography. In 2017 I earned a Bachelor Degree in Popular Music Performance at the University of East London, while I kept developing my interest in photography working as freelance photographer and studio assistant with photographer Kit Oates.

I use photography as a mean of personal expression, as well as research methodology in the field of community development and social research. On this regard, one of my main projects focuses on the European Migrant Crisis, which led me to report from Idomeni (GR), Calais (FR) and Athens (GR).

When in London, I plan and fund future projects mainly working with photoshoots, in which I like to combine my passion for architecture and design with portraiture, by bringing uniqueness to my pictures with geometry and shapes.

In the free time, I enjoy shooting street photography in order to document daily life, as well as making music or simply pass some time in the company of a good friend or a book.


Feel free to get in touch to discuss assignments and photoshoots.

M: +44 (0)7873509094

Social media: mattimages_com